Meet Fred. Fred thinks southwest Michigan is a great place to live, work and raise a family. But Fred thinks it can be better. That's why he supports United Way. Learn more about what United Way does and what Fred gets back from his support.


Lulani’s parents knew their three-year-old daughter was unique. She would line up her toys in perfect rows and play along side other kids in the room, but not with them. Believing she may have autism, they took her to the LOGAN Autism Learning Center to see what options were available for their family. At LOGAN, they not only found the therapy their daughter needed to develop socially, they also found a community that embraced them. The United Way of Southwest Michigan partners with the LOGAN Autism Learning Center to ensure all children with disabilities in Berrien and Cass counties have access to LOGAN’s services, even if they cannot afford them. 

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When Misty was young her family had to flee an abusive father. Their situation turned tragic when he tracked them to Mississippi, and Misty’s mom had to take his life to save her own.  Just two years later, Misty lost her mom to terminal cancer. She coped by trying meth amphetamine for the first time, and it changed her life. She was at rock bottom when she discovered a way out of the cycle of substance abuse through services the Substance Abuse Enhanced Outpatient Program at Woodlands Behavioral Health. She found who she was inside and how to develop coping mechanisms. United Way partners with Woodlands to provide substance abuse treatment programming through individual and/or group counseling. Misty is a mother and now works at Woodlands helping others overcome their addiction. She is able to see the beauty of life, with sober eyes. 

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E’Daniel’s first run in with the law came on the eve of the Chicago Bulls first NBA championship. After serving two years on probation he moved to Benton Harbor for a fresh start. Unfortunately, the Chicago lifestyle came with him, and he found himself arrested repeatedly. When his first child was born, E’Daniel made a commitment to be crime free.  He tried numerous job programs, but finally found lasting success with Jobs for Life. The program gave him the encouragement, training and belonging he needed to stay employed. E’Daniel is now a lawn care professional, and is proud to be over twenty years felony free. The United Way of Southwest Michigan partners with Jobs for Life so that all people get a chance at a second chance.  

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Lois is an 88-year-old woman with severe rheumatoid arthritis. It has damaged her joints, causing painful swelling, and making it extremely difficult for her to drive or prepare meals. She is also the caregiver to her 60-year-old-son who suffered a traumatic brain injury and lives with her at home. Because of the Meals on Wheels program at Senior Nutrition Services, Lois and her son never have to worry where their next meal is coming from. Hot, daily meals are delivered to their home along with emergency food to keep on hand if inclement weather hits. United Way of Southwest Michigan partners with Senior Nutrition Services to provide meals to any individual 60 and over who is unable to cook for themselves or who may need help with meals to be able to stay in their own homes.

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