Randy Hendrixson  Owner, DPM Events & Berrien County Record

Randy Hendrixson
Owner, DPM Events & Berrien County Record

What inspired you to become a part of United Way?

Actions speak louder than words. During my work with the Buchanan and Niles Chambers of Commerce, I started to become familiar with United Way’s work in our communities. As part of one of my roles with the Chamber (Buchanan Promise steering committee), we were the recipient of a very critical grant that enabled our program to get off the ground. United Way sprang into action and made a huge impact in our community.

Why do you serve on the board?

Need and impact. In today’s fast-paced busy world, finding community volunteers is becoming increasingly more difficult. While volunteerism is becoming more sparse, community needs are increasing. I believe that volunteering my time and resources to give back makes for a better place to live and work, and I hope it motives others to do the same

What is your leadership philosophy?

One person can absolutely make a difference.

What is your most memorable volunteer experience?

Volunteering for the Tim Tebow Foundation “Night to Shine” event. It is incredibly moving to see how the efforts put forth by volunteers for this national event brings a different level of pure joy and happiness to those who do not get to experience that feeling often.

Who are your heroes in real life?

Teachers and medical professionals.