Fight for Charities

Currently, Americans can reduce their taxes by giving to charities. This is called the charitable deduction. The charitable deduction is only available to itemizers. Under the current proposals, only 5% of Americans are expected to itemize their taxes. It's time for all American taxpayers to have access to the charitable deduction.

Click here to watch a video that explains why the charitable deduction should be available for all taxpayers.

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This Nonprofit Offers Tax Help To Low-Income Parents In Pediatricians’ Waiting Rooms

The EITC is one of the most effective federal anti-poverty programs, particularly for families with children. But around a quarter of the families that qualify for the benefit don’t collect it, for reasons that Marcil and Hole heard repeatedly from families in their waiting rooms, once they began asking them if they’d looked into qualifying for the credit: They didn’t know it existed, or the forms were too complicated to navigate. When Hole was talking to one patient’s mother, she asked him: “Well, could you help me with it?”

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