Zack East  Regional Digital & Technical Manager, Mid-West Family Broadcasting

Zack East
Regional Digital & Technical Manager, Mid-West Family Broadcasting

What inspired you to become a part of United Way?

I used to host a morning radio show and spent many years interviewing United Way staff and funded partners. It made me realize United Way is doing the most good in our community and on behalf of our community. I am constantly being asked to help organizations, and I would love to, but I’ve found the best use of my time and talents is to help the organization that helps other organizations!

Why do you serve on the board?

After years of being on, or running, the Annual Campaign, I thought it was time to step into a larger role with the organization I love. I feel that since I work with and marketed a lot of local businesses and nonprofits in my day job, I could use my expertise to help improve the organization and encourage other young people to be a volunteer difference-maker.

What is your leadership philosophy?

Leading takes inspiration, and it takes setting the right example for others. I make it my life’s commitment to return that leadership “favor” to others, as it was given to me so long ago. I feel leaving a legacy for those to build upon and continue forward is paramount to personal and organizational success, and growth.

What is your most memorable volunteer experience?

Anything involving a genuine “thank you” from those who have the most to gain from your help, leadership, and volunteering. The most sincere part of their appreciation for your help is in their eyes, the window to the heart.

What talent would you most like to have?

I cannot sing AT ALL. Even though I have a radio voice. I would love to be able to sing!