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  1. SS Safe Launch (Whirlpool) 1:12 - 1ST PLACE
  2. SS Hasselhoff (Wightman) 1:32 - 2ND PLACE
  3. Wise Kraken (Holt Bosse) 1:33 - 3RD PLACE
  4. Maiden Lane Cottages (Fenner Homes) 1:37
  5. Still Afloat (Whirlpool - Sears Team) 1:39
  6. One Love, One Kitchen (Whirlpool) 1:41
  7. USS Big Data 2.0 (Whirlpool) 1:45
  8. Boaty McBoatface (GSS Direct) 1:46
  9. Compensation Nation (Deloitte Consulting LLP) 1:47
  10. Roadrunner (Southwestern Michigan College) 1:53
  11. MSC Revenge (MSC, Sponsored by Whirlpool) 1:53
  12. The Extra Power Agitators (Whirlpool Laundry - Marketing) 2:00
  13. SeaPG (Consumer Products Group) 2:01
  14. Approved No Changes (Aisle Rocket Studios) 2:03
  15. Floating Arrrtists (Whirlpool Creative Studios) 2:04
  16. AcquaCucina (Whirlpool - Cooking Engineering Team) 2:05
  17. Lettuce Turnip the Beet (Berrien County Health Dept., Sponsored by CMG Financial) 2:08
  18. Rocky BalBOATa (Lake Michigan College) 2:10
  19. Cook Revengers (AEP, D.C. Cook Plant) 2:11
  20. Yellow Submarine (Whirlpool) 2:16
  21. The Incredible Hull (Whirlpool - GIS GPO) 2:19
  22. Best Buy Sails (Whirlpool - Best Buy Sales Team) 2:22
  23. Big Orange (Whirlpool - Home Depot) 2:31
  24. Camakau LEARN (Whirlpool) 2:32
  25. Cornzilla (Alex's Veggies) 2:32
  26. Gast Parrot Heads (Gast Manufacturing) 2:33
  27. Liquid Asset (Whirlpool Finance) 2:40
  28. Royalty Racers (Blossomtime Festival Inc.) 2:42
  29. ISC you at the finish line (Whirlpool TCS) 2:43
  30. SS Y Tanic (97.5 Y County) 2:45
  31. McGilligan's Island (The Livery) 2:48
  32. S.S. MPI Cutter (Whirlpool - Key Account Sales) 2.49
  33. Noel's Ark (Whirlpool Corporation - Corp Communications) 2:50
  34. SS Under Allocated Part II (Whirlpool Field Sales) 2:51
  35. H-Arrgh (Whirlpool Human Resources) 2:52 
  36. Gone Phishin' (Whirlpool) 2:53
  37. Hard Core - The Wassail Boat (Peat's Cider) 2:55
  38. The Ex Parte barge (Whirlpool Law Department) 2:56
  39. DroneBait (Great Lakes Drone Company) 2:59
  40. Shake Your Tail Feather (Professional Hearing Services) 3:02
  41. Out of Time (United Way of SWM) 3:03
  42. WHL (Whirlpool Hispanic and Latino ERG) 3:12
  43. T Party (JennAir - Marketing) 3:13
  44. S.S. B&S (Whirlpool Brand & Strategy Organization) 3:23
  45. Champions for Change (Whirlpool Women's Network ERG) 3:39
  46. Pride (Whirlpool Pride ERG) 3:43
  47. Wipro BOT (Wipro Limited) 4:31
  48. Knotty (CXCCAC/cXc) 4:36
  49. U.S.S Operation Sinks Alot (Pasha Hawaii - GSS) 4:52
  50. Shipfaced (Silver Harbor Brewing Co.) 4:56
  51. The Overture (Overture) 4:57
  52. Up Up and Away (The Caring Circle) 5:00


  • The InternShip (Kinexus) SANK
  • Sweat Ship Nessie (YMCA of Southwest Michigan) SANK
  • W.E.R.L.D Domination (Whirlpool WERLD Prorgram) SANK
  • North Pier Nation (North Pier Brewing Co.) SANK
  • FSNC Rocks - In it to WIN it! (Whirlpool Field Sales) SANK
  • Gast Boat #1 (Gast Manufacturing) SANK
  • The Cool Boat (Accenture) SANK
  • SS Good Enough (Rock 107 WIRX) SANK
  • Flick's Dinghy (Celebration Cinema) SANK
  • Unsinkable II (Whirlpool) SANK
  • The Swimterns (Erhard Furniture & Flooring) SANK
  • This Putts 4 U (United Federal Credit Union) SANK


All times are tentative.  Heats are subject to change.

Heat #1 (6:00pm): USS Big Data 2.0 (Whirlpool GIS), Yellow Submarine (Whirlpool - Key Account Sales)

Heat #2 (6:05pm): Out of Time (United Way of SWM), Sweat Ship Nessie (YMCA of Southwest Michigan), The InternShip (Kinexus)  

Heat #3 (6:10pm): W.E.R.L.D. Domination (Whirlpool WERLD Program), Camakau LEARN (Whirlpool), Liquid Asset (Whirlpool Finance)

Heat #4 (6:15pm): Roadrunner (Southwestern Michigan College), Rocky BalBOATa (Lake Michigan College), Royalty Racers (Blossomtime Festival Inc.

Heat #5 (6:20pm): U.S.S. Operation Sinks Alot (Pasha Hawaii - GSS), ISC you at the finish line (Whirlpool TCS), Boaty McBoatface (GSS Indirect), MSC Revenge (MSC, sponsored by Whirlpool)

Heat #6 (6:25pm): Shipfaced (Silver Harbor Brewing Co.), McGilligan's Island (The Livery), Hard Core - The Wassail Boat (Peat's Cider), North Pier Nation (North Pier Brewing Co.)

Heat #7 (6:30pm): The Ex Parte Barge  (Whirlpool Law Department), Noel’s Ark (Whirlpool Corporation (Corp Communications), H-Arrgh (Whirlpool Human Resources)

Heat #8 (6:35pm): Wise Kraken (Holt Bosse), The Overture (Overture), Approved. No Changes. (Aisle Rocket Studios)

Heat #9 (6:40pm):  S.S. MPI Cutter (Whirlpool - Key Account Sales), S.S. Under Allocated Part II (Whirlpool Field Sales), FSNC Rocks - In it to WIN it! (Whirlpool Field Sales)

Heat #10 (6:45pm): Cook Revengers (AEP, D.C. Cook Plant), Gast Boat #1 (Gast Manufacturing), Gast Parrot Heads (Gast Manufacturing)

Heat #11 (6:50pm): Wipro BOT (Wipro Limited) The Cool Boat (Accenture)Compensation Nation (Deloitte Consulting LLP - GSS)


Heat #12 (7:00pm): S.S. B&S (Whirlpool: Brand & Strategy Organization), T Party (JennAir - Marketing), SeaPG (Consumer Products Group)

Heat #13 (7:10pm): SS Good Enough (Rock 107 WIRX), SS Y Tanic (97.5 Y County), Flick's Dinghy (Celebration Cinema)

Heat #14 (7:15pm): The Incredible Hull (Whirlpool Corporation - GIS GPO), Knotty CXC (CAC/cXc), SS Safe Launch (Whirlpool - Quality Team)

Heat #15 (7:20pm): Up Up and Away (The Caring Circle), Shake Your Tail Feather (Professional Hearing Services), Lettuce Turnip the Beet (Berrien County Health Dept., sponsored by CMG Financial)

Heat #16 (7:25pm): Unsinkable II (Whirlpool), Gone Phishin' (Whirlpool), Floating Arrrtists (Whirlpool Creative Studios)

Heat #17 (7:30pm): Cornzilla (Alex's Veggies), The Swimterns (Erhard Furniture & Flooring), DroneBait (Great Lakes Drone Company)

Heat #18 (7:35pm): Big Orange (Whirlpool - Home Depot), Still Afloat (Sears Team), Best Buy Sails (Whirlpool - Best Buy Sales Team)

Heat #19 (7:40pm): Maiden Lane Cottages (Fenner Homes), This Putts 4 U (United Federal Credit Union), SS Hasselhoff (Wightman)

Heat #20 (7:45pm): One Love, One Kitchen (Whirlpool - Kitchen Team), The Extra Power Agitators (Whirlpool Laundry - Marketing), AcquaCucina (Whirlpool - Cooking Engineering Team)

Heat #21 (7:50pm): Pride (Whirlpool PRIDE ERG), Champions for Change (Whirlpool Women's Network ERG), WHL (Whirlpool Hispanic and Latino ERG)


Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Inn at Harbor Shores

800 Whitwam Dr, St Joseph, MI

Check in: 4pm to 5:30pm

Safety Briefing: 5:45pm

Races Begin: 6pm 

Registration Fee: $250


The third annual ‘Rock the Boat’ cardboard boat races will be hosted by Whirlpool Corporation on Thursday, July 19th at the Inn at Harbor Shores, with proceeds benefiting United Way of Southwest Michigan.  The life-size boats are made of cardboard, duct tape and polyurethane, and powered entirely by human paddling. The event is open to the public and there will be food and t-shirts available for sale.