Anna Murphy, President of the United Way of Southwest Michigan

Anna Murphy, President of the United Way of Southwest Michigan



You will hear us say “Great Things Happen When We Live United” a lot in the coming year. This, just like “Live United," is more than just a cool marketing phrase. It’s a truth about the difference we can all make if we come TOGETHER. In 2015 we saw that happen. Whether it was through volunteerism, our strong nonprofit sector, or community wide initiatives, change is happening.

On our IMPACT page you will see the difference that United Way is making right here in your town. United Way of Southwest Michigan is using real data collected from across Berrien and Cass counties. Of course, it’s about more than just the numbers. It’s about change.  So remember, each data point represents a life changed right here in Berrien and Cass counties.

I am excited to share the changes that we saw, but I am even more excited about the years to come. Please join us as our community continues on its road of progress. Thank you for your continued support of United Way of Southwest Michigan. Whether you gave to United Way, volunteered at one of our events, or volunteered anywhere in the community, change could not happen without you.


Anna Murphy