The FamilyWize Community Service Partnership is working with United Way to help Berrien and Cass Counties people get medicine they otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford. Now they have (for free) prescription drug savings cards that are cutting their health care costs. 

When United Way of Southwest Michigan partnered with the FamilyWize prescription drug discount program, they didn’t know the response to the program would be so great.

Meijer Pharmacy in Benton Harbor has seen a great response to the program. “This card has been such a huge success,” said Susan Yore, Pharmacy Technician. “We are using them every chance we get and to date the largest amount saved for one patient was $144.50! It was an elderly couple that has no insurance so I was so happy to see that savings.”

According to Yore, savings has averaged between $10 and $20, but some customers are seeing much higher amounts of $40 - $50 per prescription. In 2014, Berrien County had $196,059 on savings, with 7,613 claims and Cass County had $25,325 on savings, with 675 claims. The average savings for Berrien and Cass County is 30 percent off of the original prescription cost.

Visit for more information and to print your card.