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United Way of Southwest Michigan (UWSM) announced today that it is accepting funding proposals from Berrien County agencies for Phase 36 of the Federal Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP/FEMA). The National Board has awarded Berrien County the grant amount of $78,357 for this phase. 

Completed requests for funding must be received by the United Way office no later than 5 p.m. (no exceptions) on June 28, 2019. 

Under the terms of the previous grant from the Emergency Food and Shelter (FEMA) National Board, local governmental or private voluntary organizations chosen to receive funds must:

  1. Be a non-profit organization

  2. Have a formal accounting system and conduct an annual audit

  3. Practice nondiscrimination

  4. Have demonstrated the capability to deliver emergency food, emergency financial assistance and/or shelter programs

  5. Maintain a minimum number of weekly hours with a staff person or a volunteer

  6. Have a voluntary Board if a private voluntary organization

  7. Use funds on an ongoing basis to supplement and extend food and shelter services, not as substitute for other program funds or to start a new program

  8. Must maintain detailed records and documentation of program expenses if awarded an allocation. Also, it is preferable that applying organizations have an automated tracking system to monitor client use

  9. Be able to certify that they are not debarred or suspended from receiving Federal funds.

A Local Board of community members including representatives from: The Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Council of Jewish Federations, Catholic Charities, National Council of Churches of Christ, private individuals and United Way will determine, based on current need of the communities, how the funds are awarded and distributed to emergency food and shelter programs run by local service organizations in the area.  

This assistance is made possible by the National Board chaired by the Emergency Food and Shelter/ Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). United Way of America serves as the Fiscal Agent to the National Board.  Funding is based upon 12-month unemployment rates, the total number of unemployed, number of individuals below the poverty level, and the total population within Berrien County. The National Board will issue grants to local organizations which are recommended for funding by the Local Board.

Contact Sara Barlow with questions regarding the process. 269.982.4029 or sara.barlow@uwsm.org

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