A Q&A with United Way: The Herald Palladium


David Holgate, Publisher at The Herald Palladium, recently spoke with United Way about their long-standing commitment to Southwest Michigan.  Check out the back and forth below!

UWSM: You have been a leader in this community for a very long time through the work you do with The Herald Palladium.  What drives you to do the work you do every day? 

HOLGATE: Being able to speak dialogue in the community due to the news and information we provide is very rewarding. As the leader of news gathering in Berrien County, we take very seriously our role for informing residents of everything from government entities and their handling of our funds, local prep sports and so countless other doings in our area.

UWSM: How would you describe The Herald-Palladium’s mission in the communities you serve?

HOLGATE: Our mission is to provide residents with an un-biased, non-fake news approach to our area.

UWSM: You’ve been a longtime supporter of us.  Why do you continue year-after-year to support United Way?

HOLGATE: With so many people in need of assistance in a variety of capacity, working with United Way and its large canvas of organizations is a tremendous way to help so many with a single contribution.

UWSM: Your team does a great job supporting the work we do?  Why is it so important for your staff to be United Way advocates?

HOLGATE: Our team believes in helping those in need. I am constantly impressed and proud of the percentage of our staff that give each year to United Way. They believe in the cause and the end impact.

UWSM: Through the work you do, you see the community through a different lens.  Does that impact the way you approach giving back to your community?

HOLGATE: No question. We obviously come in contact often with individual or groups that need assistance. It certainly drives us to provide support to a myriad of causes in our area.