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Berrien College Access Network

A collective impact organization dedicated to improving college-going culture and access among Berrien County residents.

We support, develop, and facilitate programs and initiatives working to remove barriers to college access, funding, and completion.

Our Values

College is defined as any high-quality credential beyond high school, including professional/technical certificates and academic degrees

Our Goals

Our Board

Bob Harrison: Community Activist

Anna Murphy: United Way of Southwest Michigan

Phil Freeman: Lakeshore Public Schools

Mark Weber: YMCA of Southwest Michigan

Dan Applegate: Niles Community Schools

Doug Schaffer: Lake Michigan College

Kim Thompson: Michigan's Great Southwest Strategic Leadership Council

Karen Weimer: Brandywine Community Schools

Nancy Studebaker-Barringer: Niles Public Library

Ann Cardon: St Joseph Public Schools

Chris Machiniak: Berrien RESA

Dan Peat: Kinexus

Leigh Jones: City of Niles

Barbara Sistrunk: Michigan's Great Southwest Strategic Leadership Council

Lisa Cripps-Downey: Berrien Community Foundation

Jacqui Winship: Whirlpool Corporation

Rachel Wade: United Way of Southwest Michigan

Brent Brewer: Southwestern Michigan College

Amanda Drew: Berrien County Great Start Collaborative

Becky Clark-Foster: Lake Michigan College

Harry Burritt: Junior Achievement

Sister Paulita Walters: Readiness Center

Get In Touch

Director, Berrien College Access Network

Nick Hooper