margaret B. upton

volunteer leadership award

This prestigious lifetime achievement award is presenting to one volunteer in Berrien County who demonstrates:
•    Long-standing history of volunteer contributions in Berrien County
      - 10 years or more
      - Unpaid/uncompensated volunteer time
•    Diversity of volunteer experience with multiple organizations
      - A significant contribution to a single organization may be considered
      - Breadth of volunteer experience
•    Teamwork and leadership experience
      - Physical or administrative labor as well as service at an executive or board level

For the winner of this great honor, $3,000 will be donated to the non-profit organization of his or her choice. If your nominee is chosen to proceed to the second round you will be notified on May 27th  and asked for a complete volunteer history and recommendation letters.


If you would like to be able to save your work you may download a template of the form here. When you are ready to submit, just copy and paste your answers. 

Nominee Information
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Name of Nominee
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Nominator Information
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Name of Nominator
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A selection committee of past award-winners will review the letters and narrow-down the candidates for a second round of review. 
If your nominee is chosen to proceed to the second round you will be contacted for additional information.